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Rose + Sooy Counseling

providing inclusive, affirming + collaborative therapy


A Safe Place For All

Psychotherapists Kaelie Sooy and Jodie Rosenblum


Healing is a Journey

We strive to help you heal, grow, and find deeper meaning in your everyday life. You can expect to reconnect with your body, emotions and intuition. Our philosophy is that therapy is for everyone and our clients are people first.


We consider the existence of privilege and intersectionality; viewing healing from a systems perspective and the context of one’s environment when assessing mental health conditions. We acknowledge that change is possible and that our bodies and brains have evolved with the capacity for healing if given the right conditions.


We value an approach to therapy that is respectful, inclusive, affirming, collaborative, and evidence based.


A Safe Place For All


Couples Counseling teaches relational skills and intentionally explores relationship dynamics.


Adolescent therapy provides teens with a safe space for self-exploration and tools for understanding and regulating their emotions.


Evidence Based Holistic Therapy

Trauma Processing

Trauma processing involves unpacking trauma experiences, learning to regulate emotions, and reconnecting with a more positive sense of oneself.

Anxiety + Mood

You can’t just think your way out of anxious patterns. We can help you identify unhelpful thinking styles, improve emotional regulation.

Body Positivity

We work within the Healthy at Every Size model (HAES), emphasizing that one’s health is not determined by their body shape or size.


Being neurodivergent means having a brain that functions differently from the average or “neurotypical” person. It can often feel like everyone else has a guide book for how to socialize and interact that you’ve never known about. We help foster your strengths and process the unique obstacles of navigating a world that caters to neurotypical folks.


We provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ folk and allies. It is our privilege to support you through life stressors, identity and sexual exploration, processing discrimination or rejection, and navigating relationships.

OCD + Perfectionism

Perfectionism can feel overwhelming. We equip you with the skills to manage your symptoms and find freedom from unhelpful cycles.

Sex + Kink Friendly

We are sex positive, kink friendly, and advocates for sexual health. We help with processing negative impacts of spiritual trauma and purity culture, body image issues, exploring sexual preferences and identities, navigating non-traditional relationship structures, and difficulty communicating with partner(s) about sex.

Life Transitions

Life is a constant cycle of transitions. We provide therapeutic support for navigating these changes in your life.


We're Here For You

In-Person Sessions in Nashville Tennessee
In Office
Virtual Therapy via Simple Practice

Meet virtually on a HIPPA safe platform from your home using your laptop or smartphone.

Walking Sessions at the local Greenway Trail

Walking sessions at Richland Creek Greenway
22 White Bridge Rd. Nashville TN 37205


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