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a safe space for all people

We are inclusive and affirming to all races, bodies, religions, genders, and sexualities; offering a safe and warm space for individuals who oftentimes don’t feel safe to be themselves in the south.

Who We Serve

Business Professionals

We provide support navigating toxic work environments, reducing stress, improving leadership skills, identifying unhelpful patterns of communication and relationship dynamics, and creating a more sustainable work life balance.

Social Impact + Health Professionals

Burnout and emotional fatigue are common and you deserve to care for yourself just as you do for others. We specialize in working with therapists, healthcare professionals, teachers, and other social impact professionals.

Artists +

Personal worth often feels tied to performance and productivity. By integrating mindfulness practices and increasing body awareness, you can learn to manage performance stress—allowing you to reach your goals while regulating your anxiety.

Caregivers +
People Pleasers

We support parents, coworkers, relationships, and other areas in need of unlearning over-functioning and learning boundaries and direct communication.

What We Offer

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a collaborative and relational process of discovering a deeper understanding of oneself. Your therapist with Rose and Sooy will not only provide you with support for navigating life’s stressors, but will help you create a compass towards a life guided by your values. Self-discovery, self-help and self-talk can be great tools but can only go so far. Therapy can provide a more objective perspective from a kind, caring expert on psychology (that’s us!) to help you make sense of your subjective experience of reality. 

Individual therapy is a great place to explore yourself and refine your techniques for improving your life, reaching your goals and caring for yourself. This can help our clients build confidence to ask for what they need, from themselves and the world around them. Who couldn’t use a fresh perspective on how to be kind to yourself, resolve a conflict with a friend, or set a boundary with a family member? Individual therapy is like a dress rehearsal for life; you’re free to try out new techniques and see what works and what doesn’t, all from the comfort of a very low stakes therapy office. Or even from your own couch! 

At Rose and Sooy Counseling, we integrate a variety of evidence based practices to provide holistic care, catered to each individual. We offer a safe space for you to express and feel your emotions and reconnect with your mind and body. We honor you as the expert on yourself; your truth, your desires and your goals. We believe the outcome of therapy is most predicted by the relationship between the therapist and the client. Each session is approached with curiosity, non-judgment and a trauma-informed lens.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling teaches relational skills and intentionally explores relationship issues; creating a deeper sense of connection and understanding. At Rose and Sooy Counseling, we believe connection is essential to our health and wellness. We are sex positive, kink friendly, and affirming to ethical non-monogamy and polyamory couples.

We help facilitate a safe space for couples to explore their relationship issues with the intention and to work towards creating a deeper sense of connection and understanding. We help couples learn that their partner is a mystery; experiencing a subjective reality very much unlike their own. Together from this understanding, we create a roadmap to openness and curiosity where couples can begin to grow into the realization that they are a team. We hope this exploration will help lead our couples to discover that, in the words of Ram Dass, they’d, “rather be free and in love than be right.”

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent therapy provides teens with a safe space for self-exploration, an opportunity to learn new tools for understanding and regulating their emotions, and some help with navigating all the life changes, pressures, drama, excitement, heartache and more that come with the teen years.

Being a teenager can be so hard! Their lives are typically changing at a rapid pace, there are so many choices and decisions to navigate, and teens are under so much pressure to perform. Rose and Sooy counseling provides therapy to adolescents for a wide range of issues:

  • sports and performance psychology

  • academic pressures

  • navigating bullying and peer relationships

  • how to interpret and express emotions

  • body image issues

  • exploring identity and sexuality

We're Here For You

In-person sessions in Nashville Tennessee
In Office
Virtual sessions via Simple Practice

Meet virtually on a HIPPA safe platform from your home using your laptop or smartphone.

Walking sessions at the local greenway

Walking sessions at Richland Creek Greenway
22 White Bridge Rd. Nashville TN 37205

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